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Safe Pest Control

One of the most rapidly growing hobbies right now is herb gardening. It seems like gardens are popping up everywhere with people trying to eat healthier, more organically, and without straining the environment. Growing your own herbs is also a great way to save on groceries with food prices increasing all the time. Since there are so many people that are now getting into gardening it is important for them to get information about how to care for their new gardens. The biggest concern that a person will probably have with a garden is herb garden pests and safe pest control. There are many different types of herb garden pests so it is important to do some research and find out how you can safely protect the herbs that you worked so hard to grow.

There are basically 2 different types of herb garden pests and safe pest control measures can be taken to prevent both types. The first type of herb garden pests are insects. Insects can destroy an herb garden so it is important to take necessary precautions to avoid insect infestation. You will want to get rid of places where bugs can live, such as leaves, debris, tools, etc. You should move all of the waste material to your compost bin to eliminate these living spaces. During the colder months, when nothing is growing, you will probably want to spray insecticide. Make sure to read the directions on the packaging, as you may do serious damage to the soil if you apply the spray incorrectly. One thing that you need to realize as a gardener is that there are both good and bad insects. If you have a question about which bugs are good and which are bad, you can catch one in a jar and take it to a local garden supply store, as they will be able to tell you what the insect is.

The other type of herb garden pests and safe pest control against them are varmints and birds. Poisoning these animals can be effective but you will need to be extremely careful, especially if you have pets that go out into the garden area.

Learning more about herb garden pests and safe pest control is not difficult. There are actually a variety of different websites that have tips, suggestions, and even “how to” videos on how to protect your garden from the different pests that are out there. Search the Internet for these sites and take some time to read the suggestions that are available.

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