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Indoor Versus Outdoor Herb Gardens

Are you planning on planting a herb garden? What a wonderful way to bring fresh herbs into your home and kitchen, and what better way to occupy your free time? There are many pros and cons to having either an indoor or an outdoor setting for your herb garden, but the choice is ultimately yours, and whatever will work best with your situation is the best way to go. Here are some things to consider when you are deciding where and how to put in a herb garden.

The great thing about it all is that herbs don’t necessarily need soil, and can be grown all year long, no matter what the weather is-as long as you do it right. It is important to begin with seedlings when growing an herb garden, and, should you do it in the spring, it will be important to begin the growing process inside. You will need to find a sunny location, or begin in a greenhouse, if you can.

Some herbs are so small and take up so little room that you can actually put them all in one container, and save a lot of space. If you are planning on having your herb garden inside, this can be a great advantage, as your amount of space may be somewhat limited.

There are many herbs that simply will need to be replanted every year, so this gives you that indoor-outdoor option over and over again annually. If you have been blessed with good soil, and a good climate for the herbs that you are trying to grow, an outside herb garden can be an attractive addition to your home. However, if the soil is sandy or not very healthy, you’ll need to provide a some space that contains the right kind of soil and conditions that will be conducive for the growth of the plant.

Garden boxes can be purchased that will raise up the herbs from the level of the ground, and also give you a good place to plant the herbs in healthy soil. This is something that can be placed outside in your garden, or perhaps even in your windowsill. As each herb requires different things, it might be best to determine what kinds of herbs you are planning to grow, and then decide where to grow them, so that the atmosphere provides the best place for them to flourish.

As you learn more and practice, you will soon find having an herb garden – indoor or outdoor – is a fulfilling and useful hobby to have.

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