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How to Grow and Use French Tarragon

Over the last few years, gardening has become a very popular hobby. It seems like everyone has gotten bitten by the green thumb itch and is now trying to grow their own herbs and produce. Having a garden is actually very beneficial to a family. There are many health benefits that are associated with home gardening as well as the fact that you can save a good amount of money by growing your own herbs and produce. One of the most popular herbs that people grow in their gardens is French Tarragon. This widely used herb is best when grown at home and picked directly before use. People that have never had a garden before may be wondering how to grow and use French Tarragon.

The first thing that someone who is wondering how to grow and use French Tarragon should do is get online and gather some basic information about the herb. French Tarragon, or Artemisia Dracunculus var Satvia, is a herb that is native to the Caspian Sea and Siberia regions, although it is now widely grown in Europe, Asia, and the United States. The name actually comes from the French word esdragon, which means little dragon. The first uses of French Tarragon were treating snakebites, and as a favorite drink for the kings of India. It has been used in English gardens since the reign of Henry VIII and was distributed by Thomas Jefferson in the early days of the US.

French Tarragon is grown and harvested for the unique flavor of its leaves. It is well suited to dishes containing vinegar and fish. For those that are wondering how to grow and use French Tarragon, it is best used when it is cut fresh. Leaves can be harvested by snipping them with scissors. Expect to get two large harvests in the second year of the plant, but do not harvest until the plant is eight to ten inches tall. If you want to harvest the entire plant, you will want to cut it 2 inches above the ground. The leaves of the plant can be stored either in the freezer or in vinegar. Drying out the leaves will result in a loss of flavor.

French tarragon can be used for a variety of different application in the kitchen. As previously mentioned, it goes well with vinegar and fish. When cooking with French Tarragon, it should be used sparingly, as it may make other ingredients somewhat bitter. For more information on how to grow and use French Tarragon all you need to do is a simple search online.

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